Zack And Wiki Demo (kind of) Up For Your Consideration


If you have yet to play Capcom’s brilliant Wii game Zack and Wiki, then this is something for you. Capcom Europe has released a flash demo of a stage in the game for you try out.

Now, there is NO WAY IN HELL a flash demo will do this game justice. In my opinion, Zack and Wiki gives you the best Wiimote controls of any game available on the Wii right now – the way that the Wiimote is implemented to solve stage puzzles is pure genius (if you can’t tell, yes I do think very highly of this game). So in the very least you should hit the clicker and get yourself over to Capcom’s Zack and Wiki site to give this baby a test run.

Don’t let the graphics fool you, this game is not some cutesy, low-level, easy to master adventure game. This game will test your gaming prowess in ways you’ve never been tested (unless you’ve beaten the crap out of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion recently).

You can check out the demo, under the “gameplay” prompt right here. And if you find yourself enjoying the demo, do yourself (and me) a favor and go buy the damn game, so we can get a sequel!