Codemasters reveals Damnation, first screens shown


Today, Codemasters unveiled a new intellectual property (IP) titled Damnation. The game will be coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in winter 2008 and promises to take the shooter genre to new heights, literally. Codemasters is calling this one a “shooter gone vertical.” But don’t think Bionic Commando, yet. Gamers will be jumping chasms on motorcycles, shooting baddies while zip-lining, and generally fulfilling their Mad Max fantasies. Intrigued?

Codemasters is taking a gamble: vehicle-based stunts and combat; a grim, apocalyptic free-roaming world; and explosive enemy encounters. Enemies can attack from anywhere at anytime, so be prepared to engage in huge fire-fights across desolate, but beautiful, landscapes. The enemy will chase you down, and that’s just part of the thrill. Codemasters emphasizes that the AI has the same abilities as the player, so there is no place to hide.

Story-wise, we don’t know much other than the fact that you are up against a megalomaniac arms dealer, and that you’ll have some help from your allies. Single and multiplayer are confirmed, though let’s hope the developer includes some co-op action. Codemasters has their hands full with Damnation, but it’s this type of visionary game that seems to throw it all together, stew it at 350, and then leave us wondering why someone hasn’t done it before. Color me excited.

Lets hope this isn’t a jack-of-all-trades, master on none. The prospect of vehicle stunts, enemy pursuit, and acrobatic combat is tantalizing, though the more ambitious a developer is, the harder it is for them to deliver. I have faith in Codemasters because of their great work in the past, namely Operation Flashpoint, and the Colin McRae series. This is one shooter you shouldn’t let slip under your radar. The graphics engine is no slouch, either. Check out our Damnation gallery for the first five screens.