EA declines Thompson’s offer


In the midst of EA’s Take-Two takeover attempt a while back, Jack Thompson sent a letter to EA CEO John Riccitiello and offered his assistance in evicting “the Zelnick [Take-Two CEO] Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls.” Thompson’s letter has now received an official response from EA’s Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Mariam Sughayer (Riccitiello must be too cool for Jack to respond himself), rather politely telling him to buzz off. The letter reads:

Mr. Thompson,

We have received your letter to EA’s shareholder site. In response to your offer to assist in the proposed acquisition of Take-Two, we would strongly prefer that you not get involved in this matter. EA is a strong supporter of creative freedom for game developers. We feel that your past statements – including false claims about content in our games – make any collaboration with you impossible.

After saying that some of the content in Sims 2 was worse than GTA’s Hot Coffee and accusing the company of “gleefully” cooperating with the mod community to turn Sims 2 into a porn offering, was Thompson really expecting EA to accept his offer and welcome him aboard with open arms ?

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