Which Smash Bros. Brawl Controller is Best for Pummeling Pikachu?

wariopikachussbb.jpgI’ll admit it: I’m not a big fan of fighting games. And that includes Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But yet I’ve been playing it religiously since day 1 here in Japan. Part of the reason I’ve fallen in love with it despite my initial reluctance is that the game is so freaking huge. Look at this list: 35 characters, 41 stages, Classic mode, SubSpace Emissary, Target Test, Home Run Contest, All Star Mode, Boss Battle, Stage Creator, and Online Multiplayer. Not to mention hundreds of trophies and stickers to collect, daily stage updates from Nintendo, a very notable and diverse soundtrack, and the challenge of mastering as many characters as you can. I love trying to unlock everything the game has to offer.

The only way to become proficient at Brawl is to master the controls, and there are 4 controllers to choose from. Jason Cipriano over at the MTV Multiplayer Blog has posted his impressions of the 4 control schemes available in Brawl. I was surprised to find that his favorite controller was the sideways Wii Remote, followed by the Gamecube, Classic, and Remote + Nunchuck combo.

I’ve used each of these schemes except the Gamecube controller, because I don’t own any. My preference is for the Classic Controller, which leads me to believe I would also highly rate the Gamecube Controller because they’re so similar. The Remote and Nunchuck just feels strange and uncomfortable, especially since there are no motion controls. As Cipriano says, the lack of motion control was a good decision by Sakurai. They probably wouldn’t have worked well with this type of game, except in the menus, where it is surprisingly absent. The sideways remote is a shockingly decent controller, although it takes a little time to get used to it. It’s also really good for casual gamers or people who are new to the series because of the smaller number of buttons, as I noticed when I recently threw a Wii party.

I mostly play with the Classic Controller, but I can manage the solo Wii Remote with a little practice. With Brawl being released in the US on Sunday, what control scheme do you plan on using?