Fuzzyeyes’ steampunk fantasy TPS arriving in ’09


Edge of Twilight, the Fuzzyeyes Studio developed post-apocalyptic third-person epic is still on track for a 2009 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the games publisher SouthPeak Games reminded us with a press release today.

The Unreal Engine 3 powered Edge of Twilight puts the player into a “lavishly envisioned steampunk dual universe” where light and dark no longer co-exist, but are instead fractured into two separate planes of existence (if that doesn’t get you thinking..). The player will be taking control of a character named Lex, an outcast bounty hunter who as the only ‘halfbreed’ left can jump between the two polar opposite civilizations.

Fuzzyeyes CEO Wei-Yao Lu says the “unusual ideas” they’ve brought to the table are starting to take shape and energetically proclaims that “gamers should look forward to 2009!”, at the same time promising a unique brand of fast-paced cinematic action and a truly immersive gaming experience.

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