Silicon Knights Answering Too Human Questions


Canadian developer Silicon Knights is buttering up gamers for their much anticipated action-RPG, Too Human. In preparation for Too Human’s release, Silicon Knights will answer 2 questions every month until the games 2008 (expected) release. Questions can be submitted directly to, and answers will be posted on Silicon Knights’s own blog. Better yet, closer to the games release, Silicon Knights will vote on the best questions of the past months, and fly the winners to the Too Human launch party! Looks like Silicon Knights is finally ready to spill the beans on this mythic title.

Too Human is an Xbox 360 exclusive, and like many franchises, is a planned trilogy. The game stands out of the typical hack-n-slash stock by blending Diablo-style dungeon crawling, diverse melee and gun combat, and an intriguing Norse mythology tinge. Too Human is the dream project of Silicon Knights, and for 10 years, the title has been looking for a stable console to call “home.” Silicon Knights past efforts include the Gamecube scare-fest, Eternal Darkness, and the highly-stylized Gamecube port of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

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