Pirating action heading to XBLA and PSN


Via the magic of Google translation and Dutch site XGN comes news of Plunder, a new game from Certain Affinity, a company formed by a long-time Bungie veteran.

Currently set for a June release, Plunder is a pirating action RTS where the goal is to use your ship to seize enemy territory and plunder from other enemy vessels. There will be goods players can track that can be valuable in terms of offense and defense of your city, so there will be a definite need to plan your strategies in order to be victorious. The Capcom-published game will feature four player split screen, online play, and matchmaking. A level editor will be included as well, allowing players to create their own maps and then upload them to either Xbox LIVE or PSN.

Max Hoberman, president of Certain Affinity and the main man behind all things multiplayer in Halo 2 and 3, stressed that the game will be accessible even to those who have never played a videogame before.

And that’s pretty everything that’s known about the title right now, though Certain Affinity is promising to release new information in the very near future.