The Witcher Coming to PS3?


Developer CD Projekt Red has just opened a position in their coding team for a talented PS3 programmer. Does this mean The Witcher is coming to PS3, or is something more in the cards? Clearly, the Polish developer intends to work its magic on Sony’s black box. Keep a look out for announcements from this passionate developer. Want to work for the budding new developer yourself? CD Projekt Red wants to hear from anyone interested in working for them, and is willing to help its new found staff with the move to Poland. Not a bad deal, eh?

Released on the PC in October 2007, and published by Atari, The Witcher is an action-RPG based on the Polish fantasy saga of the same name. Created by famed author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher’s incredibly immersive world of shady politics and deathly plagues marries traditional opened-ended RPG adventuring, with a complex narrative structure by one of Poland’s best contemporary authors. The Witcher features real-time combat and magic, as well as branching narrative quests.

As Developer CD Projekt Red’s first gaming foray, The Witcher re-enlivened the PC RPG with its memorable characters and unique environment. Though initially marred by technical issues, the game received significant praise and was hailed by many as the best PC RPG of 2007.The PS3 needs more great RPGs, and The Witcher would be a great addition to the PS3’s growing library.