Legendary seems to have the potential to be worthy of its name


Pre-alpha footage (embedded after the break) from Spark Unlimited’s interest sparking first-person shooter has been released, and if you can ignore the horrible frame rate the entire video has, the game actually looks like could live up to its name.

Legendary: The Box talks about an art thief named Charles Deckard who has been tricked into stealing Pandora’s Box. Naturally, he can’t keep his hands to himself and opens it, releasing all kinds of beasts thought to be mythical on an unsuspecting modern world. Full scale war between man and beast ensues, and as the only one who can contain the terror, you’re being put in the middle of it all.

The premise seems interesting enough, the question is if the developers whip up a gameplay to match that. A thing to keep in mind here is that Spark Unlimited is the same company that developed Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the rather poorly received alternate-reality World War II shooter that has the Nazi army invading the United States. But what Legendary has going for it is the fact that it’s the company’s dream game. CEO Craig Allen: “Like most developers, we’ve always had a dream game that we’ve secretly been working on. We’ve made a name for ourselves with World War II first-person shooters, but Legendary: The Box is our labor of love.”

And Harry Miller, Head of Development at Gamecock (the company that’s co-publishing the game with Atari), seems to be convinced that Spark Unlimited’s love can produce great things: “If there is one genre that needs a shot in the arm, it’s the first-person shooter. Spark’s Legendary: The Box is going to be a classic, in terms of story, game-play and technology. I’m inspired by where they’re taking the genre.”

There’s no set release date yet, but we do know the game will be released some time this summer on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Here’s the pre-alpha footage:

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