Project Origin Ratchets up the FEAR Factor, Mechs and Lasers Galore


IGN recently sat down with John Mulkey, lead designer for Project Origin. Project Origin is the spiritual successor to FEAR, as the rights to the original FEAR license are still owned by the publisher, Sierra. Project Origin is being worked on by Monolith Productions, the team behind the original PC blockbuster, and subsequent ports to the Xbox 360 and PS3. But this isn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill sequel; Monolith has some exciting new features in store for this chilling FPS.

Monolith Productions is a good listener. Scouring message boards and reading player comments are only part of the work Monolith has done in order to up the ante for Project Origin. Monolith acknowledges the shortcomings of FEAR: endless corridors, limited enemy types, and general lack of gameplay variety. Project Origin looks to fine-tune FEAR’s memorable firefights, while also spicing up the combat. Cover will play a much larger role, and Monolith is trying to smooth out a one-button cover mechanism. Don’t think Rainbow Six yet–Monolith wants you to make cover by pushing over tables, flipping desks, etc. Looks like firefights just got more interesting.

That’s not all: Monolith is bringing its shooter out of the corridors and into the streets. Project Origin looks to position the player in a decimated city, a welcome change from the developer’s admittedly “claustrophobic” environments. Monolith looks to up the arsenal of Project Origin, too. A laser rifle that can dismember foes has been revealed, and you can expect more of the same killer armament from FEAR. Monolith has also confirmed that the time-altering power from FEAR will return, but that’ll be the only supernatural power your character possesses.

Last, but certainly not least, Monolith is adding pilot-able powered armors. Expect to cause major damage when you get behind the reins of these devastating walking tanks. Although not drastically prettier than its predecessor, Project Origin still looks sharp. Particle effects are top notch, and, like FEAR, the enemies will animate with incredible fluidity and interactivity.

Monolith isn’t ready to disclose all their secrets for Project Origin, as the company is still preparing their other terror-filled actioner, Condemned 2, set to release March 11. Project Origin is planned for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. Though there’s no solid release date, the game appears quite polished already. Project Origin is another AAA shooter you should definitely look out for.

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