What is Three Speech counting down to?


Three Speech, the semi-official PlayStation blog, seems to be sporting a new banner and a counter with the tag line “A new breed of warrior will be born.” Incidentally, that’s very similar to the “A new breed of warrior has been born” phrase used in the intro for the first Motorstorm game.

Now, this could surely be anything from the official unveiling of Motorstorm 2 to an entirely new IP, but considering the similarities in the tag lines and the heavy rumors that have been around lately regarding the imminent reveal of MotorStorm 2 — French site Jeuxvideo was supposed to reveal a trailer this Wednesday but apparently Sony delayed it for a week — our money is on that.

But we’ll find out for sure once the timer runs out in 3 days and 14 hours (at the time of writing), meaning we’ll know what this is all about on next Wednesday.