Sega not interested in being acquired


Sega, currently the sixth-biggest publisher in the US by revenue, doesn’t seem to be bothered with the recent mergers and buyouts that have took place in the industry and seems to happy just where they are as a company. Simon Jeffrey, the President of Sega America recently told Reuters that it’s not an area they’re interested in playing in at the moment: “We have no interest in being acquired, we are very happy with our position right now. ”

“There is plenty of room for smaller companies to be successful and profitable in this business. You don’t have to be number one or number two. You can be number six very happily,” he added.

The recent success of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games — the game has sold 5 million copies in three months — seems to have exceeded all their expectations: “I don’t think we believed in our wildest dreams that it would sell 5 million units in just three months,” Jeffrey said. As the Olympics draw closer, he believes the hype and excitement that builds up to it will help them sell even more copies of the hedgehog vs. plummer game.

As for Sega’s other upcoming games like the ones based on the new Iron Man and Hulk movies, as well as the resurrection of Golden Axe (pictured), Jeffrey seems optimistic: “We really think this year we’ve hit our stride getting that portfolio mix just right.”