Xbox 360 Call of Duty 4 Unplayable After Patch? Australian Gamers Pissed


Australian and New Zealand COD4 players are irate after last week’s Xbox 360 patch. Multiplayer matches for non-US gamers are apparently laggy due to the recent patch, which addressed bugs and other technical issues. It seems that Australian and New Zealand players are being connected to US hosts, and the result is a sluggish mess.

Geekpulp got an official statement from Infinity Ward’s own Robert Bowling, Director of Communications and Community Manager. His statement concerning US hosts reads: “That doesn’t mean [the game] will always choose a US player, but I understand that the odds are typically stacked against some of our more remote players to be selected as host. We’re currently looking at options available that might help out with those odds and I’ll keep you updated on it.” Hopefully, Infinity Ward can patch things up soon so our friends in New Zealand and Australia can resume all-out warfare online with the rest of us.