Microsoft makes its pre-GTA IV move ?

360mar10price.jpgMicrosoft has confirmed the recent price cut rumors and announced today that they are indeed lowering prices for all the Xbox 360 SKUs in Europe effective this Friday, March 14.

The Elite’s price is dropping from £300 to £260. Instead of the previous £250, the Premium will be £200. And instead of £200, the Arcade version will now cost £160, making it actually cheaper than Wii (£180).

“Xbox 360 is now mass market in Europe,” said Chris Lewis, Vice President, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business Europe. “We have reached and surpassed several key milestones that form part of our long term strategic plan to achieve critical mass in Europe; and our portfolio now offers the kind of mainstream entertainment experiences that secure wider appeal for Xbox 360. These factors allow us to execute on our strategy to widen the market for Xbox 360, as planned.

“We continue to offer intense, immersive gaming experiences for gamers – but now we’re priced in a way that will allow new consumers to find out for themselves why Xbox 360 is the ultimate in high-definition entertainment.” said Lewis. “History shows that £159.99 is the price point where a console’s audience begins to expand, and with these new ERPs in place we’re ready to bring more consumers into the Xbox 360 world.”

With GTA IV now just less than two months away, looks like many hit the nail straight on the head when predicting that Microsoft would slash the prices in order to make their system the more lucrative choice for those who are just now making the move to the current generation. With Microsoft now having a significant price advantage, as well as the exclusive DLC, Aprils sales numbers are definitely something worth looking forward to.