Skate 2 Announcement Soon?

skatepic.jpg was fortunate enough to attend Electronic Arts’ “Meet the Makers” event this past weekend held in Singapore. They spoke with John Doyle of EA Black Box, the developer behind the mega-hit franchise, Need For Speed, and last year’s surprise-smash, Skate. While non-disclosure agreements kept Doyle from confirming anything officially, he did hint at what is coming.

Skate struck gold for EA. Released on the PS3 and Xbox360, the fledgling skateboard series outsold Tony Hawk’s tenth (10!) console outing, creating buzz through its realistic depiction of skating and its intuitive controls. The game was received well, both critically and publicly. EA knows it has a cashcrop in its hands, and they’ll be damned to let it go. Doyle couldn’t talk details, but he hinted that his Vancouver-based studio is working on another entry in the shred-tastic series. We all assumed this much, as per EA’s handling of its other sports franchises yearly releases. Will Skate see annual updates? New skaters? New worlds? Whatever EA Black Box gives us, it’ll be stellar. Watch for an official announcement soon.