Wii-exclusive Deadly Creatures Detailed


Thewiire.com reports that the newest issue of Nintendo Power details THQ’s Wii-waggling survival title, Deadly Creatures. Deadly Creatures is being developed internally by THQ’s own Rainbow Studios, creators of ATV Offroad Fury. The title puts the player in the shoes, err, claws rather, of several real-world predators including the scorpion and tarantula. Naturally, THQ chose to bring this interesting venture to the Wii because of motion and gesture-enabled gameplay possibilities.

Apparently, environments are sprawling and interconnected, allowing for exploration and skill building. Oddly, there is a 10 chapter narrative that will unfold through flashbacks. Who would’ve guessed that even a spider has a story to tell? Thewiire.com expanded a bit on the gameplay differences between the scorpion and the tarantula, likening the spider to a “ninja,” and the scorpion to a “tank.”

THQ plans on releasing the title before the 2008 holiday season. The game has a staff of about 30 working hard to deliver on Deadly Creatures’ unique gameplay vision. Let’s hope THQ’s creepy crawler packs a mean sting, because this one looks like a niche title. Only time will tell if Deadly Creatures can rise above the usual Wii shovel-ware.