Hideo Kojima Already Working on New Title


Konami President Fumiaki Tanaka has revealed to IGN that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is already conceptualizing his next project. Tanaka also said that the title is outside of the Metal Gear universe, which is what Kojima already confirmed. The mystery title’s official announcement will come after Metal Gear Solid 4 debuts, and after Metal Gear Online gets some publicity. Besides those scarce details, Tanaka also reiterated that MGS4 will sell like hot cakes.

Kojima has stated that he is finished making Metal Gear games, and his latest action masterpiece, MGS4, hits the PS3 this June. It’ll be huge. MGS4 is Kojima’s swansong for hero Solid Snake, and looks to top previous entries in every regard. Can it really be Kojima’s last?

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