The concept behind Too Human, a candid interview

Over at the MTV Multiplayer’s blog, they recently posted an interview Stephen Totilo did with Dennis Dyack, the President of Silicon Knights and the director of the highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive, Too Human. The interview was not like most, in that the probing questions about when we are going to see a demo and the hunt for a firm release date were not there. Instead Mr. Dyack was asked what, after almost 15 years of being in development, has kept Too Human alive?

The long and short of it; Too Human is based on the effect technology has on society and the need humans have to create technology in an effort to make life better. Dyack explains that although no matter the intentions, almost universally it has had the opposite effect in some capacity. And getting this underlying idea of man vs. technology across in at least some form in Too Human seems to be enough to keep the wheels turning over at Silicon Knights.

What this interview does is not only make you think on a philosophical level, it shows us how grounded some of the concepts for games are. While I’ll admit Super Smash Bros. Brawl probably came out of the pure desire to beat the living crap out of Luigi, some games like Too Human, Eternal Sonata, and BioShock have some really “grown-up” themes, which is what helps makes these games as good as they are.