Wii Fit Coming To Nintendo DS?


So it seems Ubisoft is looking to cash in big with the “casual” demographic that Nintendo has struck oil with. This couldn’t be more apparent with their recently announced My Weight Loss Coach for the Nintendo DS.

This game is looking to fill the gap Wii Fit will leave on handhelds and be a sort of on the go weight training program. When I say “on the go” I mean that literally, being that the game (can we even call it that?) will come with a pedometer peripheral that fits nicely in your pocket and keeps tabs of your movements throughout the day (big brother is watching!), making you look as cool as the guy above.

When you’ve sat down, you can then take the pedometer and hook it up to your DS in the GBA slot, it will then take all the movements you made throughout the day and begin to make a health calculation with that information factored in. Wow the future really is now, we’ve come a long way from Power Gloves and Track N Field Olympic Pads!

My Weight Loss Coach is scheduled for a summer release.