Epic Games: Console Gaming The Way Of The Future


Quick question, what’s better for gaming? A jacked up high-end PC that can run Crysis in all its splendor without so much as a flicker in frame rates, or a current-gen console hooked up to your entertainment system? Don’t answer that question just yet because the co-founder of Epic Games and the brains behind the Unreal engines, Tim Sweeney, has the answer for you. He believes that consoles are wiping the floor with PC based gaming, and it’s all PC’s fault.

Wired made contact with Sweeney who said that for years PC’s have shot themselves in the foot by focusing on the “high-end” gamer, which is only a small percentage of the market. He cites the constant technological advancements in computer hardware as a reason for game developers to focus on the small market, but they miss the mark by not hitting the “mainstream PC” market. A market defined by a demographic that mostly uses their computers to surf the web and download media.

Sweeney uses the reasoning that consoles are manufactured for the sole reason to play games, and this alone gives them a huge factor over PC’s because there is no gray line for their use.

He’s not the first one over at Epic to speak out on the topic of PC vs. console. Lead Designer Cliff Blezinski said in a separate interview that Epic would be focusing more of their efforts on consoles because “the PC is just in disarray.”