MGS4 Going To Move Some PS3’s, Konami President Believes


Metal Gear Solid 4 is almost amongst us. With the highly anticipated game, and the special bundle, Sony is getting ready to make a small push in the market that has been dominated by Wii and 360 for the past 2 years.

Konami President Fumiaki Tanaka thinks that gamers who don’t own a PS3 have been waiting on this game and that there will be a domino effect when Snake makes his next-gen debut, stating, “Now, potential users are going, ‘When that game comes out, I want to get a PS3,’ and they’re waiting for that title to come out. When MGS4 comes out, other companies will put out their big PS3 titles out, and then gradually won’t the install number grow?”

He also modestly expects MGS4 to sell a million copies worldwide (talk about low expectations). I have a bigger question though, while MGS4 is sure to move some PS3’s and sell a whole lot of copies, what about Konami’s growth? Wouldn’t it be more financially viable for them to release the game multi-platform and increase their profits?

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