Mini Review: Busdriver


Remember trying to cause hell for your school bus driver by screaming like a maniac, starting paper ball fights, and taping lewd signs on the back of the bus? Well, with Busdriver, you can experience all the things the guy behind the wheel had to pay attention to while trying to ignore your shenanigans. Yup, in this game, you become a bus driver, navigating five tons of metal around a suburban landscape.

I really thought that this game was going to be a walk in the park, but those thoughts ended quickly as I racked up negative 1000 points in less than a minute. The objective of the game became clear pretty quickly – don’t endanger the passengers, obey all traffic laws, and get to your destination in the time allotted. I certainly did not heed these guidelines and failed miserably for the first few times I played. Must be the curse of being a part of the Need for Speed generation.

In Busdriver, slow and steady wins the race. There are a range of missions, all revolving around the same objectives; get your passengers from point A to point B and try not to crash. There are 12 different drivable vehicles total, some of which are neat, like the Grey Hound buses and those nifty English Double-Deckers.

But, as you can imagine, driving a bus is not the most exciting concept imaginable. And Busdriver proves that as the thrills will last you as long as it takes to set up the game. The game is like the Sunday driver of PC video games; to-the-point without anything flashy (or interesting, for that matter) involved. The graphics look nice enough, though the game is obviously aimed at the casual gamer with a less than stellar setup. A DX7 card is all you need to run this one.

If you’re a speed junkie on the lookout for the next Need for Speed or Burnout-type game, you couldn’t be looking in a more wrong place. You definitely won’t find anything like that here. You’ll have more fun by going outside and running really-really fast.

But if you want to punish your kid for being too loud or disruptive on a school bus or other kind of public transportation, then Busdriver should be a good game to sit him/her down in front of and show that it’s difficult enough for the driver as it is.