New Aliens: Colonial Marines Details


Gamesradar has the new scoop on Gearbox’s anticipated shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Both the Official Playstation (UK) and Official Xbox (UK) Magazine got to see the hot FPS in action, and so far, the title looks terrifying. Although not a direct movie tie-in, Aliens: Colonial Marines takes place after Alien 3, and puts the player behind the pulse rifle of a rescue team looking for Ripley, Hicks, Apone, Burke, and all the other marines that met unfortunate fates in the films. Gearbox is preparing an unforgettable trip to the Aliens universe.

The gameplay of Aliens: Colonial Marines blends horror and cinematic moments (read: timed button events), along with similar encounters from the films, such as the “Make a Stand” scenario. These pre-set scenes see you and your team holed up in a tiny room with precious bombs, turrets, and torches to defend yourself. Prediction: these moments will finally replicate classic Aliens thrills. Weld exits shut and use your defensive weapons wisely, because the Aliens are persistent buggers that want to rip you a new one. Interestingly, the action will move out of the corridors. Outdoor environments will be featured, and production art of a city area was shown.

The game also features drop-in co-op support for online, local, and split-screen multiplayer for up to four players—just watch out for splattering Alien blood. Gamers have been dreaming of this Aliens title for a while, and come late 2008, we’ll see for ourselves if Gearbox’s latest is worthy of the Aliens name.