Nintendo Responds To Online Brawl Problems, States The Obvious And Tells Gamers To Chill


After getting my hands on Super Smash Bros. Brawl a couple of days ago I put up a little post with my impressions and how my online experience was going, which unfortunately wasn’t the most positive in nature. Well, Nintendo has now released a statement to the hordes of online hungry gamers that have been experiencing similar problems saying: “Our servers may be trying to handle an unusually high amount of traffic (especially if you are trying to play online with a recently-released popular game, or if there is a new Wii system update). Please wait a few hours and try the connection later.” Wow, that wasn’t painfully apparent now was it?

On a side note, I’ve had the chance to play a couple friends as well as a variety of random matches. So far the standard Brawl matches run very well, there have been a few instances of noticeable lag, but for the most part it’s smooth. There have been the same connection problems as well – playing 5 straight matches and then losing a connection. But, as Nintendo has made clear, this is just due to a gazillion people trying to get their online Brawl on, so we’ll give it time to work itself out.