Zerg rush caught on camera

It’s been ten years since Blizzard dropped the sci-fi bombshell of an RTS on us known as Starcraft. Since that time, the game has changed the face of gaming into something more mainstream than ever before, even to the point of obsession in some cultures (South Korea, I’m looking at you).

That being said, I’m sure Blizzard is well aware of the gigantic expectations the (world!) gaming community has of Starcraft II. They are staying with the ‘Zerg rush’ style of combat, which is quite a bit different than Warcraft III, if you’re more familiar with that Blizz title. For those of you who don’t know, Starcraft has always been about macromanagement, meaning the entirety of the game, including economy balance and reconnaissance as well as unit movement. Blizzard switched it up on us with Warcraft III, which relied specifically on micromanagement, or watching individual units and trying not to uselessly lose even a single huntress. :smirk:

As seen from the newly released Zerg trailer above, Starcraft II is going be a rebirth of the epic battle mindset, complete with screens full of units, frantic and stressful attempts at expanding your established colony, and repetitive clashes of battle.net accounts. Of course, we’ll have to wait “until it’s done” to find out, but I suspect the money machine known as Vivendi will do all they can to get it on the shelves in time for Christmas shoppers. In the meantime, anyone up a game of Brood Wars?

First, you make their town small, then you make your town big.” – anonymous Starcraft addict, circa 1999.