2 New IPs from EA Sports


EA can’t say no to money. EA recently told IGN that the mega-company’s Sports division is looking at a few new additions. A trio of titles are being developed, EA explains, the first of which was recently unveiled: the over-the-top style boxing game, FaceBreaker (pictured). Knowing EA, these new potential franchises are being developed on every system under the sun. FaceBreaker looks to evoke classic Punch-Out! nostalgia with comical character design and ridiculous knockouts. EA refused to hint at what the other two sports titles will depict, though EA Sports has their hand in almost every pie, so there aren’t a lot of sports ventures that EA hasn’t tried. Gentlemen, start your speculation.

EA wants to be synonymous with all sports games, not just soccer, football, and baseball. EA’s last gamble, Skate, hit the jackpot, scoring well with critics and outselling popular skateboarding king Tony Hawk’s tenth entry. THQ has recently announced that it will publish a mixed-martial arts (MMA) game with the Ultimate Fighting Championships license. Since EA doesn’t like to be outdone, perhaps an MMA fighter is in the future? This writer would love to see the graphical intensity and immersion of Fight Night, paired with the strategy and brutality of MMA. With the Ultimate Fighting Championship gaining ground publically—ABC network will start airing another MMA league soon—EA has nothing to lose. On top of that, this current generation of consoles has yet to see any MMA titles at all. The PS2 and Xbox saw their share of MMA fighters, a half-dozen or so coming from the UFC license, and two coming from the vastly superior Japanese organization, PRIDE FC.

As for the other sports title, how about Parkour, the French-borne freestyle walking/running/flipping hybrid? Picture this: an open city, great fluid animation, incredible stunts, and excruciating wipeouts. We’ll have more info as EA divulges their secrets.

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