Metal Gear on the Big Screen?


Gamers across the world sigh every time we read about the next video game movie. It’s almost destined the movie will fail. Is a ‘Movie Curse’ lingering around much like the ‘Madden Curse?’ Who can actually say they liked BloodRayne? Silent Hill was ok, and the Resident Evil movies are tolerable to watch. Most games have such rich stories that you leave out so much storyline and detail when it’s crammed into a 2 hour popcorn flick.

We all know about the Max Payne and Prince of Persia movies, but what’s next; Metal Gear Solid. The internet has been flooded for years that a movie adaptation of this game would happen (much like the Halo movie). Seems like our dreams (and fears) might be coming true. Michael De Luca was caught on the red carpet for Sony’s upcoming movie “21” by and he was asked about his current projects and the Metal Gear rumors. De Luca said he and Columbia Pictures hope to meet with Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, Ultraviolet) in the next couple of weeks about him writing the script and presumably directing.

No actor has yet been cast, nor has a plot been determined so it’s all still in the early works. With the writers strike finally to an end and the movie industry big into game adaptations, we might see one of our favorite franchises come to the big screen. If Wimmer doesn’t direct the movie then please, from every gamer across the globe, keep Uwe Boll away from this movie!