PS3 may get episodic content for GTAIV


That’s right PS3 owners… rejoice! Well, maybe. No official word yet as this is mostly just speculation. According to a recent article, Take-Two released a financial statement where they indicated that among their lineup for future titles, they plan on providing more episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV in fiscal 2009.

We all know that Microsoft has already shelled out some cash (in the ballpark of $50 million or so) for some exclusive episodic content for the Xbox 360, but this content is set to arrive sometime in 2008. So could this additional episodic content for 2009 that Take-Two mentioned in their statement be for the PS3? Or maybe it’s non-exclusive content for both next-gen consoles? Until we hear otherwise, we can continue happily speculating.

Economically speaking, it would seem to make sense that Take-Two would eventually release downloadable content for the PS3 as well. Otherwise, they would end up missing out on raking in a decent amount of cash from PS3 DLC for a significant portion of the GTAIV fanbase.

So PS3 owners will potentially have to wait a bit longer for downloadable content for GTAIV, but I’d say it’s definitely worth the wait… if it turns out to be true.