$2000 Guitar Hero III Tournament


Ever dreamed about getting up in front of thousands of people and rocking out on your guitar? Don’t worry so have I. Well now is your chance to live part of your dream. No, you won’t be rocking out in front of thousands, just as many that show up at your local Play N Trade stores across the United States. A contest is being held on Saturday March 15th on becoming the supreme Guitar Hero champion.

If you rain champion then you will walk away not only with bragging rights, but with 2000 bucks. Now that’s in store credit but hey, that’s a lot of games! 2nd place gets a PS3, Guitar Hero III bundle, and $500 in store credit, and 3rd place walks away with Guitar Hero III bundle and $200 in store credit. So stop trash talking on Xbox LIVE and trying to get five stars on “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert and rock out for real!