Updated / 1942 The Remix On The Way


A long time ago if you wanted to get your arcade fix on you had to put on some clothes, actually leave your house, and make your way to the arcade. There were usually the same games in most arcades, and it wasn’t uncommon to see an arcade cabinet or two containing Capcom’s 1942. The game was a vertical top down shooter inspired by WWII, and it was a great game!

Capcom has announced that they want to take you back to the days of old, and is using a new 1942 game to do so. 1942: Joint Strike is a game that takes place in a world that is an alternate version of ours during a WWII type period, meaning you’re not going to find the events (or technology) that happen in the game in any history book.

The entire game uses a 3D engine, but gameplay is entirely in 2D (a trend that a lot of games are using it seems now-a-days), and features the familiar stylings of previous 1942 games.

There game will feature classic arcade style gameplay, 2-player local or online missions, and new weapons and power-ups. And Norihiko Hibino, the music man behind the Metal Gear series, has also been brought aboard to compose a fancy new score for the game.

No word on the price or exact release date yet, but we know it will hit some time this summer. For now, hit the 1942: Joint Strike gallery and check out a bunch of screens from the title.

Update: The game will cost $9.99 on both XBL and PSN.

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