GTA IV has full weeks, slow-mo driving, 15 MP modes


Just when you thought the wait couldn’t get any longer for which is sure to be one of 08’s biggest releases, Rockstar drops a bomb on you and starts telling you even more appealing things about the damn game.

For starters let’s deal with the core aspects, first there’s the revolutionary inclusion of days of the week. No more will you wander around the city without any aspect to time, that’s over. Now you’ll have a full week, with certain aspects of the game being influenced by time constraints. Also included is the ability to use “slo-mo” while driving. It’s not known how this will be used or come into effect, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for now.

After you’ve wrapped your mind around that, check this out, GTA IV will include a plethora of multiplayer modes, 15 to be exact. The modes will feature up to 16 players and include but not be limited to: races, death matches, and a co-op single player mission. Throw in fully customizable characters and voila there you have it!

Got to love Rockstar for giving us even more stuff to waste our time with in a game that’s sure to be massive already!

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