Hulk Smash! First PS3/Xbox 360 Details


IGN, ever the lucky dogs, got a chance to check out the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sega’s upcoming destruction-fest, The Incredible Hulk. Sega also plans on releasing a DS, Wii, PS2, and PC edition, though details on those iterations are mum. Marvel Comics’ Hulk character is no newbie when it comes to being a leading man: 2005’s Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (PS2/GC/Xbox) was a great title and is considered to be one of the greatest comic book games of all time. Ultimate Destruction made you feel like Hulk, allowing you to crush nearly everything in the game world, be it buses, Mechs, or other rowdy super mutants. It looks like Sega doesn’t want to mess with this winning formula for the upcoming Incredible Hulk title, set to release June 3, around the release of the motion picture of the same name.

Developer Edge of Reality wants gamers to tear buildings down, piece by piece, to their hearts’ delight. Environmental destruction will build Hulk’s rage, which in turn opens up new move sets and allows Hulk to upgrade his abilities. You’ll have a virtual New York as your playground, and Sega says to expect epic battles across skyscrapers against foes like Abomination and Bi-Beast. The Incredible Hulk will also have plenty of sub-quests and mini-games to keep gamers occupied. Like 2005’s Hulk game, using environmental weapons will play a significant role in tackling different mission objectives.

Edge of Reality has a rather questionable pedigree, including the colossal stinker, Fear and Respect (PS2/Xbox) and movie-licensed games Over the Hedge and Shark Tale. Hulk games have a fairly established formula, so Edge of Reality really should stick with what works: letting gamers rip up the world as their favorite mean, green machine.