Mass Effect 2 exclusivity still up in the air


It looks like the folks over at BioWare are mulling over their options when it comes to the system(s) Mass Effect 2 will eventually land on. When asked where the inevitable sequel would hit, BioWare’s Senior Manager Matt Atwood said, “I believe we’ll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time. We’re still working out the details on that, but we’ve had a great relationship with Microsoft and [have] done very well.”

So it seems a PS3 version is not out of the question at all and after being a timed exclusive, ME2 could possibly launch on Sony’s shiny machine as well. But we shouldn’t count out a simultaneous launch on both consoles yet either. If Sony steps in and matches (or tops) Microsoft’s offer we might be playing ME2 on PS3 the same day as 360.

Mass Effect won a number of GotY’s last year and it would only make sense to present the sequel to the largest audience possible, especially now that BioWare is under EA’s umbrella. Perhaps a short PS3 install of Mass Effect 2 would cut down on all the texture pop-in the 360 version suffered from too? Only time will tell…

Atwood also confirmed that a PC version is definitely on the way and won’t be far behind the 360 version: “I think you’ll see a PC version not too far away. We haven’t solidified the plans yet but we’re headed in the direction where we want to be as close as possible [on PC].”