Ready at Dawn boss: “PS3 will win”


In an interview with, Didier Malenfant, the numero uno guy over at Ready at Dawn, has let the cat out of the bag and professed his undying love and allegiance to the PS3.

Well actually it wasn’t that dramatic but when asked by what exactly the term “next-gen” meant to him he responded: “To me it’s just a way to refer to the PS3 and 360,” snubbing Wii altogether and adding a long-winded prediction: “PS3 will win this generation when all is said and done…Every generation we get to hear the same BS as to how everything is going to be revolutionized and things what we thought never possible will happen and some of them might be cool or some might suck. But none of them make a game.” Whew! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

Now that Chains of Olympus is out the door and doing well, Ready at Dawn is keeping themselves busy with Okami Wii, a redesigned port of Capcom’s well received PS2 action adventure game that’s due out next month.