Review: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil


Capcom’s Rocketmen: Axis of Evil is a cell shaded top-down shooter with a few touches of RPG thrown in, and it manages to set itself apart from many games I’ve been playing lately.

The game starts with customizing a character. You can choose the sex, race, what color your hair and skin is, and what clothes you have on. It’s not so deep where it would take an hour to fine tune but, for an arcade game, it’s pretty good.

You fight through 10 very linear levels where there’s much blasting, upgrading, and destruction to be had. Weapons were plentiful even as the first few minutes of the game went by. Besides the standard pistol, there are shotguns, machine guns, rockets, something along the lines of a buzz saw that has ammo ricocheting off of walls for more damage, and several more to keep things interesting along the way. The guns are not based on how many rounds collected but rather on a timer, so you must fire off as many shots as possible before only having the pistol again. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of the basic controls but using the left thumb-stick to move and the right one to shoot, along with the triggers for rockets, I had a grip on things before the first level was complete.

Collecting different items from fallen characters can buy armor, weapons, and power upgrades between levels. It’s better to receive currency and buy what you want rather than taking whatever the game decides to give out. This element, along with the actual shooting portion, although very repetitive, is what made me keep coming back for more.


One of the biggest issues was how the camera continuously taunted me; it’s not fixed on your character and you actually move quite a bit faster than the camera, often resulting in you being at the top of the screen, not being able to see what awaits you.

There’s the possibility of online play where you and three friends can wreak havoc, along with leaderboards to see who is the ultimate hero. Players can really start to rack up the points in multiplayer as others can cover your back or preform other point-gaining tasks.

The price is a little steep for a game that only took a little more than three hours to complete — for 800 MS Points, I’d expect to get a few more levels and the ability to move back into a territory I had already passed through — but overall, Rocketmen isn’t a bad game.