Call of Duty 4 marketing push inbound…


Call of Duty 4 is in for another big marketing push, coinciding with the release of the downloadable map pack for the 360 and PS3. A consumer oriented “Boot Camp” event is planned during where fans can test out the newest multiplayer maps while competing for prizes at the same time.

“Call of Duty is now one of the largest video game franchises worldwide, and this has been achieved by combining a truly groundbreaking game with creative marketing campaigns that reach out to casual gamers as well as to core FPS players,” said Activision’s Managing Director David Tyler. And I completely agree, although the amount of obligatorily annoying, prepubescent players outpaces ‘casual’ gamers by quite a bit. “A whole programme of Call of Duty 4 related activities are in place for spring and summer. The Boot Camp event and refreshed marketing campaign are two examples of our ongoing commitment to this astonishing game,” Tyler is also quoted as saying.

Online promotions that invite gamers to the event are due out in a number or publications, including MSN network and FHM magazine, so keep your eyes open for further information.

The downloadable map pack itself is due out early April on both XBL and PSN.

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