Microsoft Execs Add Predicting The Future To Their Resume, Claim Blu-ray Is Doomed

sonybluray1.jpgMicrosoft is a little sore because their media format of choice — the recently deceased HD DVD — was kicked to the curb like an un-wanted step child, while Sony’s Blu-ray disc continues to dominate the market. It seems Microsoft has a different idea for the future of media; Senior Xbox Executive Chris Lewis told that the entire disc format is a thing of the past. First asserted by Microsoft Product Manager Aaron Greenberg in a separate interview, Lewis reinforced Microsoft’s position stating: “Going forwards, digital downloads is really where it’s at. More and more people’s ongoing and ever increasing downloading of music and movies is becoming the de facto. I think that’s going to happen in very short order.”

Making an even bolder prediction, Lewis claims that Blu-ray has another 12-18 months more before people start jumping on the digital download bandwagon. He may be on to something, but I’m willing to bet that it’s going to be longer than a year and a half before Blu-ray bites the dust. But if Microsoft’s brash predictions turn out to be true, maybe they can help me pick lottery numbers?