Agetec LoLs at Nintendo … no really


A lot of emphasis is placed on giving players real, meaningful choices in games to create a better sense of immersion. For instance, Tabula Rasa’s faults notwithstanding, the game made you feel like you were a part of an ever-present conflict. Or the omnipresent World of Warcraft’s upcoming Sunwell (patch 2.4), where entire sections of a zone will become accessible based on how much time and effort the players put into repelling the enemy forces.

But Agetec, an innovative interactive entertainment software company, is working on a deceptively simple product that aims to address this issue in a unique way. Agetec announced that it will be releasing a free-form game by the name of LoL for the Nintendo DS. The sub-heading of the game is more of a challenge than it is a motto: “If the game is boring, then you are boring!”

Producer Mark Johnson insists that the lack of single-player is to reinforce LoL as a social game, one that relies on using the imagination of everyone in the room. The format is straight-forward: LoL is played by one player making a challenge in writing to the others. Players can respond via their touch screen in any format they see fit, within a time limit set by the host. The host then reveals the answer and players can vote on the best answer.

Sounds like a glorified Pictionary, Taboo and Guesstures rolled into one. I am a bit skeptical about this one but I’ll wait to test the actual product to determine if the title is worth its name, or if it is something to simply LoL at.

Pun intended.