Capcom Responds Directly To Upset PSN Users About Super Street Fighter II HD Beta


God I love the internet! Where else can you whine about what you think is fair and just over a wide variety of issues, hide behind a screen name, and possibly get your answer from someone who’s a lot more informed than you are?

And what I detailed above is exactly what happened over the weekend over at the official Capcom forums. A poster was expressing their displeasure over the fact that Xbox LIVE would be receiving a beta version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and letting Capcom know that it wasn’t fair, but instead insulting, and that they were no longer planning to buy Commando 3, which is a required purchase to access the beta on LIVE, with their hard earned cash.

Christian Sven, Capcom’s Sr. Director of Strategy, jumped into the topic and decided to set the poster straight, and defend the integrity of the company he works for.

Sven let the poster and all others who were in the topic know that Capcom wasn’t trying to give PS3 gamers the shaft, but instead pointed to resources ($$$), and that Xbox LIVE was better suited test out the network features. He said: “..even if it were possible for Sony to do, it would require 3 submissions (US, Europe, Asia/Japan) to reach the same global audience we can with MS in a single test and global submission.”

He then answered posters who ‘called out’ Capcom by saying that they aren’t taking PS3 seriously: “We treat the PS3 extremely seriously. To date, we are still the only third party publisher doing cross platform, simultaneous digital releases,” and continues, “to suggest we aren’t treating the PS3 as important would be ignorant.”

Sven goes over a couple more points about the beta and how it appearing on LIVE will actually help the PS3 version of the game as well, before adding the cherry on top of his statements and offering up some pwnage of his own by challenging anyone to show him someone running a cross platform beta. “I’ll be impressed because that’s a hell of an investment,” he added.

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