Forza 2 Car Pack DLC on Wednesday

I coincidentally played some Forza 2 over this past weekend – non-gamer family tends to enjoy racing games – and was reminded how much fun the game is. Of course, apparently it’s time for it to become even more fun. As of March 19th, Xbox LIVE Marketplace will have a 13 car DLC pack available for 400 MS Points. Including an Xbox themed Peugeot, the new Audi S5 and a 2008 BMW M3, the car pack contains many sports racers from makers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, and Mitsubishi.

Forza is racing fun at its finest. Dozens of tracks, countless cars and infinitive amounts of customization of appearance and performance, hours upon hours of challenge await you… and that’s just single player mode. See the official site for more information on the DLC car pack, as well as more information on the game itself, and catch the DLC trailer above. See you at the track!