Holy Interlocking Plastic, Batman! LEGO Batman Preview


LEGO games are on a hot streak. Traveller’s Tales Studio is behind the successful building-block licensed games, recently pairing the revered Star Wars universe with LEGO’s whimsically constructed world. Traveller’s Tales looks to similarly bring a light-hearted spin to a dark and tumultuous universe, only this time DC Comics’ Batman gets the star treatment. Actiontrip sat down with the latest playable build of LEGO Batman, and the title appears to be coming along nicely.

Traveller’s Tales’ LEGO titles have never been about depth or realism, but rather fun and easy of playability. LEGO Star Wars games were simplistic, though quite charming, especially considering that you could blast Jar-Jar Binks ’til your hearts content. LEGO Batman continues the action-light style of gameplay, but this time around, Traveller’s Tales have a little more freedom, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. The team is working closely with DC Comics to craft a story worthy of the Batman name; expect old favorites The Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Penguin, and Scarecrow to show their ugly LEGO mugs. Better yet, when you face and defeat a super villain, you’ll be able to play the level from their perspective in what Traveller’s Tales has dubbed “Villain Mode.” An entirely new set of level objectives and puzzles await you when you play the villain, which should spice up both the story and gameplay.

Naturally, you play as Batman and his lackey, Robin. Both heroes have unique abilities and tools to help them take out Gotham’s trash, one thug at a time. Co-op is playable both online and off. Anyone who has played LEGO Star Wars knows that Traveller’s Tales likes to include loads of extras and bonus content, and LEGO Batman will be brimming with goodies like a bunch of unlockable characters, bonus weapons and items to sweeten the deal. While this is a LEGO title, it isn’t lacking in style—Joker packs a joy buzzer and dual uzis. Cool.

LEGO Batman is coming out on every system, though only time will tell if the Batman license lures gamers like Star Wars did. George Lucas knows that no license on earth sells like Star Wars. Traveller’s Tales previous LEGO Star Wars games were shallow, though multiplayer and a plethora of modes more than made up for the game’s shortcomings. LEGO Batman looks sharp on this generation of systems and will be a nice little diversion from Killzone 2 and other gritty Q4 2008 releases.