Mr. Driller Online to hit Japanese 360’s soon, US/EU still TBA


Owners of the original PlayStation may remember a little game that dropped towards the end of that console’s lifecycle called Mr. Driller. Those same people might also have experienced vast periods of time in their lives that went unaccounted for. That’s because this was one of the most addictive, charming and *gulp* cute games ever to be conceived.

Well now all of that time-wasting goodness is making another bid for your idle hours in the form of Mr. Driller Online for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. The game will feature all of it’s original charm and captivating puzzle solving, and not only that, but you’ll be enjoying it all in clean, crisp high definition. What’s that? You still have and SDTV and you’re wondering what’s going to keep you from booting up the old Mr. Driller on your PSone or Dreamcast? How about Namco including the Standard, and Quest Driller modes for your single player pleasure, as well as four player online support in the form of a split screen Solo Battle mode, and a two team Tag Battle option. I can hear you frantically adding MS Points to your account, and thats a good idea, because you’ll probably be using them when this title drops in the near future.

Mr. Driller is scheduled for release in Japan this very Spring, and since most of the screenshots released have been in full English we imagine a US/EU release will be right on it’s heals.