New GTA IV trailer on 3.27.08


Grand Theft Auto IV is arguably the most highly anticipated release of this generation of consoles. Therefore, as with the past trailer debuts, the upcoming “Good Lord, What Are You Doing?” a.k.a. “Everyone’s a Rat” trailer is garnering quite a bit of excitement. As did its brethren, this trailer will give us a glimpse of the world of Liberty City, a world that millions of people are foaming at the mouth to explore. The difference between this trailer and those that came before is that this is the last trailer before the game is released April 29. Does Rockstar have some big surprises in store for us in this one? We’ll we see some of those 15 multiplayer modes in action? The trailer hits the web on March 27th, so we’ll find out soon enough.

In case you haven’t had the chance to watch the previous GTA IV trailers, or just recently got kicked off of Survivor: Insert whatever crazy place they are at now, you can take a brief but memorable stroll through Liberty City below, in the form of the first three trailers.

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