Suda 51 Developing An Xbox 360 Title


Suda 51. A name? A number? Japanese game designer Goichi Suda is a visionary, to say the least. A visionary that loves lightsabers, pile-drivers, and skimpy femme fatales. The mastermind behind such diabolical games as Killer 7 (pictured) and the recent No More Heroes, Suda 51 knows “edgy.” CVG sat down with the head of Grasshopper Manufacture to hear his afterthoughts on his recent Wii-exclusive slasher, No More Heroes. Of more important note, Suda confirmed that his new project is being developed for Xbox 360. Of course, it’s too early for him to disclose any details, but with the power of Microsoft’s hardware at his disposal, Suda 51 can make one incredibly creative game.

Furthermore, Suda discussed Wii’s development cycle, as well as No More Heroes’ Xbox 360 genesis. Suda was also one of the privileged few to see the Wii prototype well before the public unveiling at E3 2005. Suda is an industry veteran who began his career working on the Fire Pro Wrestling series and currently creates some of the most intriguing games on the planet. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of Suda 51’s mysterious Xbox 360 title. In the mean time, check out No More Heroes for Wii, or else we’ll be stuck playing lame mini-game collections.