New Red Alert 3 screens bring the eye candy


EA has produced some new, very nice looking, screenshots from the recently announced and very much awaited C&C Red Alert 3.

The naval combat certainly looks like it could be entertaining, but I think my favorite of this batch of screenshots are the zeppelins. They just look damned cool. Also, there’s something about the beach front, all shored up with concrete and such, that just makes me giddy. I’ve always been a sucker for attention to detail in games – if only there was more of it. I’m definitely looking forward to the next round of screenshots (videos?) to see what other eye candy awaits.

Red Alert 3 will be released for the PC, the 360, and PS3 in all its glorious beauty. Still months away, a new engine promises updated physics, “better” looking water, and “General” (heh… see what I did there?) overall gorgeousness.

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