Grand Theft Auto IV Leaked? Well..


No, it can’t be; that’s impossible!” ~ Luke Skywalker

Sure, leaks are nothing new, thanks to the curse wonder that is the internet, but this would be a monumental leak. Here’s the link to where the images were (apparently) first seen. Personally, I have a grain of salt the size of Cleveland in my hand at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as impatient to experience the revolution that will be Grand Theft Auto with 15 glorious modes of multiplayer as the next gamer, but… not like this. Of course, if someone walked up to me and offered me an official review copy of the game, I’d be all over it like Spitzer on Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

I’m also going to step out on a mighty sturdy limb here and make the call that this is a fake. The manual looks too thin (way too thin) and the DVD label looks quite hasty. It wouldn’t be that hard to throw a fake together, snap a pic and brag about it… in fact, I challenge you. Those of you who claim to have Photo’chops’, bust ’em out and impress us. Do it… DO IT.