New FFXIII & Versus footage at PS Premiere


The folks over at Square Enix sure do know how to get under gamers’ skin. They like to tease us with marvelous bits of media and then expect us to sit patiently and wait, and wait, and then wait some more. They make us crave information and then they refuse to speak about it for months at a time. The media black hole surrounding FFXIII and FF Versus XIII has become so intense now, that news ABOUT news is now worthy of print. That’s right, what you’re reading is an announcement… about an announcement.

It seems the lords of Square Enix have seen fit to give us a yet another tantalizing glimpse into the world of XIII. Knowing them, it’ll be just enough to keep the hype tornado swirling until an eventual release date is announced. What better place to tease us with said goodies than Sony’s very own PlayStation Premiere event? Brand new footage of both games, as well as promising bits of info are slated to make appearances.

Anyone care to speculate on the release date? We don’t, but maybe they’ll release something concrete about that as well. In any case, let’s hope they manage to beat Duke Nukem to the punch.

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