Peter Moore’s New EA Sports Blog


Peter Moore, who used to bring us the juiciest Microsoft news, has a new job with EA Sports as its boss. So now he’s bringing us the juiciest EA Sports news on his brand new EA Sports blog. Most recently, and in celebration of the blog’s official launch, he’s been hinting at the new EA Sports IPs we’ve heard about being announced sometime in the next few months.

“I’ve seen speculation the past few days about the comments we’ve made recently about new IP coming this year from EA Sports. While we’re still a couple of months away from any official new game announcements, I’m encouraged by the interest and excitement,” Moore said.

The thankfully redesigned blog’s first post also covers a plethora of subjects from Moore discussing this years baseball season and MLB 2K8 to the brand new cover athletes for EA Sports games. Does the Madden curse apply to all games under the EA Sports banner? Moore also has some kind words towards Wii, saying that the eight games that they now have in production for the system “testament both to the global impact of that console currently in the global marketplace, as well as to our desire to attract more consumers to experience EA Sports games, no matter their experience playing games nor their prowess with a traditional controller.”

As Moore points out himself, him having a blog at EA Sports will be a great way to get some behind the scenes looks at everything going on over there. The question does arise as to how behind the scenes the blog will actually get since, as with most EA ventures, it is, in reality, just another way to advertise their products to us.