Prey 2 now officially official


When Prey was released for the Xbox 360 it fared rather well, not to mention introducing what many consider to be the predecessor to Portal’s main game mechanic, uh, portals. So it’s no surprise that Prey 2 has finally been confirmed for release on the Xbox 360 as well as PC. The game had been expected ever since the words “Prey will continue…” popped up at the end of the original, and just yesterday a single, tantalizing piece of concept art surfaced (see above). Well it didn’t take long for gamers to know what was coming, and apparently 2K Games didn’t feel like making us wait any longer because now we have the official word.

An excerpt from the official press release reads, “This time, abandoned and framed for the disappearance of his family and girlfriend, Tommy escapes an earth that no longer wants him for a future that cannot survive without him.” It continues, “Building on the mind-bending portal and gravity-defying gameplay of the original with several innovative new twists, Prey 2 promises to once again take players into a compelling science-fiction world with breathtaking visuals and adrenaline-pumping action gameplay.”

Not surprisingly, no official release date has yet been announced, but E3 is just around the corner, so perhaps we’ll see some in-game assets and maybe even a date range. Keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you posted as soon as any new info hits.