Blizzard/Sierra have to “repitch” games to Activision?


Variety’s gaming blog writes that, now that Activision and Vivendi are on their way to becoming a single entity, all the teams within Vivendi will have to report and basically repitch all their projects to the new corporate overlords at Activision.

As a Blizzard (a label of Vivendi) fan, this makes me quite nervous. With an upcoming year of certainties such as StarCraft II and WoW:Wrath of the Lich King, it’s the unannounced titles I’m worried about. Sure, you can claim the rumor wheel as a source when I mention Diablo III, or World of StarCraft (or whatever they’d call it… Universe of StarCraft?), but regardless of whatever Blizzard has up their sleeve, it’s fairly certain to be worth the wait. But what if the suits at Activision don’t quite see it that way and want to focus on something else instead?

Now of course, Activision + Blizzard almost = WoW + CoD = CoD MMO and that, I’m sure many agree, could be quite interesting.